Current project

Name: Magnusson Petfood [..]
Plant: Dog food line
Place: Bro
End customer: Magnusson Petfood

Magnusson Petfood is a Swedish dog food producer, competing against large multinational companies. Its business strategy includes producing oven-baked dog food, using swedish ingredients only, organic dog food and dog biscuits, dry dog food using only fresh meat and no meat meal.

ISIS works
ISIS was hired to rebuild the PLC which controls the whole production line. Furthermore a Citect SCADA system is suggested for controlling and monitoring the whole process. The PLC consisted of a S7-1511-1-PN and a expansion rack. The customer chose Citect as a SCADA system to monitor the production line.

The control system of the production line includes a PLC SIMATIC S5 - 110A and bunch of external timers and puls generators. There is no monitoring system involved nor HMI. The PLC was from 1983 and working without any problem, but due to the need for reprogramming and

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