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ISIS Industriell Styrteknik ABs PLC courses are very down to earth, with examples from the process staff's immediate surroundings. Training is varied with both theoretical lecturing and practical work with a PLC equipment. ISIS places great emphasis on the courses' pedagogical design.

These benefits do you get:
  • Eight participants per training course where instructors have time for everyone.
  • Each participant receives their own equipments where practice and theory is practised.
  • The teacher works with practical project in the Swedish industry and can therefore constantly show on practical extensions to the technology.
  • You can ventilate your own technical issues with us, we are happy to help and find solutions to past or present problems in your business.
  • We can help you with suggestions for accommodation near our premises in Täby.
  • Ability to carry out teaching at the customer site.


We have three scheduled courses as well as two special courses run when needed.

Scheduled courses Price Days Information
Simatic S7 basic training.   15800  Info
Simatic S7 second step  15800  Info
Simatic S7 basic training TIA  15800  Info

Courses held where necessary Price Days Information
Simatic S5 training for maintenace personnel   13800 SEK  5 Info
Simatic S7, Fault finding on distributed systems   7500 SEK  2 Info
Simatic S7 high speed  13500 SEK  5 Info

Scheduled courses

Here is information about schedule for upcoming courses on ISIS. Bookings can be made via email or in the form at the bottom of the page.

Name week course start Course end Days Book
Simatic S7 basic training TIA  2438 16/09/2024 20/09/2024 5 Book
Simatic S7 basic training.   2444 28/10/2024 01/11/2024 5 Book
Simatic S7 basic training TIA  2449 02/12/2024 06/12/2024 5 Book

Beställ Kurs

Här kommer senare ett kontaktformulär följa för att kunna ställa en förfrågan för att boka kurser.
Tills vidare vänligen beställ via epost

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