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ISIS Industriell Styrteknik AB
Engineers and supports PLC-PC control equipment
Our customers are well known Swedish and international industrial companies. We engineer turn-key systems for analouge and digital controlling and supervision. In several cases the plants are equipped with various combined systems (Ethernet, Profibus, MPI) with decentralized coupled sensors and actuators (Profibus DP, ASI) One or more PC:s can be used for databased handling, arithmetics and visualisation of the plant. The system is often connected to a master computer, either via a local connection or via the Internet.

ISIS helps you design your system
After many years of experience with industrial automation we know that many programs and technical solutions can be very complicated and har to understand. We place high priority on ease of use in the projecting part. it is very important the shut-down periods caused by malfunctions are kept as short as possible. The system and program structure is always made with the regard to the maintenance personnel. This means that we always make a special technical description in close cooperation with the customer before the programming part begins. Whenever you want help or suggestions about system structuring or technical designs, we are there for you.

ISIS help you when your system does not work properly
We have a long experience of technical support. There are many possibilities and support levels: telephone, email, SMS, fax or direct connection to your system via modem or Internet. Today's modern equipment can be programmed to send alarm messages direct to us and/or the maintenance people in the form of emails or SMS

ISIS helps you with training activitiesg
We have provided training courses to technicians on Siemens Simatic S5 systems for 30 years and Simatic S7 for 15 years. THe courses contain programming techniques, troubleshooting methods and physical/electrical construction of the system cabinet


1988– ISIS Industriell Styrteknik AB bildas.

Företaget startades den 6 juni av fyra kollegor som arbetade på Siemens tekniska avdelning. Tillsammans hade vi  redan då omfattande erfarenhet från branchen.

1994 – Vi flyttar till nuvarande lokaler i Arninge.

Vi flyttar till egna lokaler som även rymmer vår automationsskola.  

2010 – Personalförstärkning.

Mostafa börjar hos oss.  

Din projektpartner

Ett starkt namn inom industriautomation

ISIS Industriell Styrteknik AB har sedan starten 1988 etablerat sig som ett starkt namn inom industriautomation, såväl inom processindustrin som inom verkstadsindustrin.
De samlade kunskaperna hos ISIS medarbetare täcker förutom projektering, programmering av PLC-system och industriell IT, även områden som elektronikkonstruktion, starkströmsteknik, pneumatik, hydraulik och mekanik.

ISIS Industriell styrteknik
Tel: +46 (8) 544 407 70
E-mail: info@isis.se
ISIS Industriell Styrteknik AB